Monday, February 15, 2010

2006 Coaster - peugeot design contest 30finalist

- coaster concept

Concept: entertainment ride in city.

Tedium daily life, anyone would want a deviation from this city where everything is restricted and temperated.

With the desire and aspiration that breaks the desolated environment from the city; the desire for driving which gives rapture emotions is similar to the thrill we feel when taking entertainment rides.

I suggested this design of mobility that corresponds the various movements of rides and element of activeness which comes from driving.

Driving like an entertainment ride do not give any limitation in the meaning of transfer, which is the source of driving. And also, with the confidence of safety, it is suitable when the driver makes every new reaction.

Also come to think of it when the driver makes a dramatic reaction, he can feel the thrill and excitement just from driving itself.

The coaster, separation of the driver’s space and the body, showed the freedom of structure and the construction of widely opened driving space.

Through this structural freedom indicates various movements and new values deviated from the existing car. It is the thrill and fun that we seek to have when you take a ride at the amusement park. It is a mobility that infers the intention of people who wants to run,

a different way of freedom which differentiates from this simple meaning of transportation, and a different value which people wanted to have through the entertainment rides.

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