Friday, November 12, 2010

2008 Plug ( plug into community )

Idea sketch

While the existing brands merely represent the cars the have, the brand I conceive is a group of communicators that connects the persons one another who possess Peugeot and makes them share information. In a nutshell, it means selling the service called 'Peugeot', not a car itself.

'Plug' is not only a part of this communication system but also a transportation purchased by would-be users. Plug is mainly based on solar energy. Moreover, there exists exclusive electricity recharging station (Plug-In) for caution's sake. As a personal mobility, both unmanned and actual user controlling is available. When it comes to metropolitan city, it is possible move by using auto-navigation system and to recognize the situation of the whole city by getting information that each user has.
Being controlled by solar and electric energy, Plug serves as not only a mere transportation but a new means of communication that help the users share information.
Plug also has artificial intelligence system get new information and study it through user's information. Moreover, plug builds the database for the new community (PEUGEOT-NEEDS) ultimately by analyzing and developing the infrastructure and the information that plug already has. So, plug develops their own services.
Plug isn't only driving machine but the space where people can take a rest anytime like a bench or streetlight in boring life in city (ex. a bench, streetlight).
Plug-in takes a part of a charging station and gathers the information of users. Finally it builds whole database of Peugeot users and makes the new community, the ‘PEUGEOT-NEEDS’. It’s only for interchanging and sharing the information with each user. - link about plug by designbuzz

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